My Little World Academy, LLC

My Little World Academy, LLC

11920 Walters Rd.

Houston, TX 77067

CONTACT (713) 366-9899 


 We provide the service of an educational day school for children ranging from infants to twelve years of age.  We also provide care and transportation service to children who attend public schools. We are pleased you chose this option for your child(ren). We want you to know that your child's well-being is of the utmost importance to us, together we will share the responsibilities of providing a, safe, comfortable, and enjoyable setting filled with opportunities for nurturing and learning during your child's important growing years.


OUR PHILOSOPHY is simple but rational: We believe that all children can successfully develop in all areas when caring, qualified adults meet their needs timely and effectively.  Our goal therefore, is to provide children with a save, loving and educating environment conductive to the development of abilities and skills in all areas: intellectual, social, physical, and emotional and language. We will model and teach values and habits that will help them develop positive concepts of themselves and others. Daycare is an important experience for children because every day is a new beginning.